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Mall kiosk MiEstilo
торговый остров  MiEstilo ТК "Галерея"Фото 8826торговый островок  MiEstilo ТК "Галерея"
A truly perfect mall kiosk was designed and manufactured in the shortest possible time by our specialists for the "MIESTILO" brand...

Jewlry kiosk
Фото 7637Фото 7638Фото 7639
A mall kiosk in the souvenir shop 'Monarch' on the embankment of the Moika River in St. Petersburg. The U-shaped combination of jewe...
Price: 110 000 rub.

Interactive shopping island with video panels
Фото 7041Фото 7040Фото 7039
In this jewelry mall kiosk we made attempt to improve the good that was created earlier. At the time of the design development, we have alre...
Price: 400 000 rub.