Mall Kiosks

Mall kiosk MiEstilo
Фото 8823Фото 8826Фото 8747
A truly perfect mall kiosk was designed and manufactured in the shortest ...

Mall kiosk with Led screen
Фото 9018Фото 9009Фото 9016
Size: 2x2.5 m (S=5 m2)
Stylish shopping island for sale orthopedic insoles 'sanater'. Tr...
Price: 270 000 rub.

Jewlry kiosk
Фото 7637Фото 7638Фото 7639
A mall kiosk in the souvenir shop 'Monarch' on the embankment of ...
Price: 110 000 rub.

Interactive shopping island with video panels
Фото 7041Фото 7040Фото 7039
In this jewelry mall kiosk we made attempt to improve the good that was c...
Price: 400 000 rub.