Mall Kiosks

Mall kiosk MiEstilo
Фото 8823Фото 8826Фото 8747
A truly perfect mall kiosk was designed and manufactured in the shortest possible time by our specialists for the "MIESTILO" brand. We find it flawless in terms of both design and manufacture. In connection with the tightening of fire safety requirements, this kiosk is completely made of refractory materials, most of which correspond to the fire hazard class KM1. To achieve these requirements, refractory MDF was applied. All design elements are painted with matt enamel. Lower trays deserve special attention. They have the ability to advance both toward the buyer and toward the seller. This allows you to increase the display of goods almost 2 times and make communication with the buyer more convenient. An excellent solution was the island stella with a mirrored video screen. She solves 2 problems at once. The first one is a large comfortable illuminated mirror for fitting on jewelry, in which the client can see himself almost to his full height. The second is an advertising and information panel for broadcasting video content. And of course, the elegant sculpture of a woman’s hand gives even more uniqueness and exclusivity to the shopping island, attracting the attention of visitors to the shopping mall and forcing to stop looking at the product.

Mall kiosk "Anabel Crystal"
Фото 9465Фото 9464Фото 9463
Size: 2,5x3,6
Stylish contrasting trading island for jewelry is made exactly according to the design project (link below) and the terms of reference. The contrasting combination of white and black, coupled with bright backlighting and an LED screen, will definitely make you stop looking at the buyer. The facade of the island is made of glossy black MDF Acrylic and white matte 3d panels. Volumetric panels were produces by our factory. An LED screen is integrated into one of the island's corner counters. To protect led modules from mechanical damage, tempered glass is used. The facades of the island are decorated with plexiglass logos.
Price: 410 000 rub.

Mall kiosk with Led screen
Фото 9018Фото 9009Фото 9016
Size: 2x2.5 m (S=5 m2)
Stylish shopping island for sale orthopedic insoles 'sanater'. Trading equipment attracts the attention of an extraordinary form and dynamics of video content in an integrated LED screen. The main frame is made of LDSP and plywood. Decorative corner plates are made of cross-faced plywood and painted with enamel. Doors, closing access to the inside of the trade island, are made sliding and are hidden in the furniture case. For the convenience of content management on the Led screen wireless wifi access is implemented. The price is based on the screen and control system. This shopping island is installed in the shopping center 'Skipper Mall'.
Price: 270 000 rub.

Jewlry kiosk
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A mall kiosk in the souvenir shop 'Monarch' on the embankment of the Moika River in St. Petersburg. The U-shaped combination of jewelry counters is made in the Neoclassic style. Decorative elements on the facades of jewelry koisk give the necessary style. The calculation area is glass cubes made using UV bonding technology. A storage space for the goods is organized under the display case. LED lighting is chosen especially for jewelry production. This equipment was manufactured 2 weeks after placing the order.

Price: 110 000 rub.

Interactive shopping island with video panels
Фото 7041Фото 7040Фото 7039
In this jewelry mall kiosk we made attempt to improve the good that was created earlier. At the time of the design development, we have already made several retail kiosks for this customer. That is the reason why we decided not to change the elegant form of counter displays, and add an element of interactivity. As a result, a bold decision was made to set professional LCD video panels on the facade of the island and play qualitative branded videos on them. What we got exceeded all our expectations. Using video panels made kiosk more attractive against the background of other retail equipment in the shopping mall. In addition, this allowed to vary the design of the facade by changing the broadcast video content. The function can be extremely convinient  for chain stores. After the installation of the shopping equipment the interest of customers increased in a few days. Consequently, sales of the jewelry mall kiosk have grown.
Price: 400 000 rub.